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Wanderdog is a fully insured and dedicated dog training and walking business. Essentially we're crazy about dogs! 

We understand how important your dog’s happiness and wellbeing is to you, as it is incredibly important to us too. Whether you’re thinking of getting a new puppy, have just added a new addition to your family, or you have an older dog with extra training requirements we are here to help and guide you. We treat all our Wanderdogs with the highest respect, and tailor our services to meet their personal circumstances, understanding each dog's individual needs. 

We use positive reinforcement techniques, based on modern science and research, as these are proven to be safer, more effective and have longer lasting results. Our aim is to make training fun for all involved!

We offer one-to-one private puppy and dog training, so you and your Wanderdog can learn within the comfort of your own home. We also hold interactive group puppy classes and intermediate follow-on classes at the Bermondsey Village Hall. See our service pages for more information regarding our training packages and group classes. 

We also offer limited local group walks, covering a small area of Bermondsey so we can make sure that our Wanderdogs get their time playing in the park. Please check our service page for a map of where we can pick up from. Our aim is to make sure that all our dogs have something to really look forward to each day, and that you have complete peace of mind that they are safe and happy on their adventures. We keep our walks exciting, and mentally enriching, with lots of opportunities to express normal doggie behaviours, and to take part in positive play time with their furry friends! 

For more information about all of our current services, please refer to our individual service pages, or contact us directly. We would be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have. 


Meet the Wanderdog Team


Head Trainer


The Original Wanderdog


Group Class Assistant

A Little About Kay and Lucy 

As a baby my first word was dog – no kidding! However, the excitement that erupted in my parents by my ability to point at my family dog and successfully say ‘dog’, was short lived when I immediately pointed at everything in sight and proudly proclaimed each as ‘dog’. I think this inborn ability to see dogs just about everywhere, has only continued on to my later life and considerably spurred my interest in all dog related topics.

After forming such a close bond with Lucy and finding that I wanted the very best for her in every way, I quickly developed my interests in dog nutrition, health and behaviour. I have since spent countless hours reading, watching educational programmes and generally researching all sorts of doggie topics. 

Growing up I have always lived with dogs and known that I wanted to work with them. During my second year studying Sociology at the University of Bristol, I caved into temptation, and found my very own Springer Spaniel Lucy (aka Lucy Woo Woo – or the Original Wanderdog), who’s been my better, furrier half ever since.


Lucy is now nearly 10 years old, and still my best friend! She used to join for our group walks, but unfortunately she has been diagnosed with arthritis in her hips, so we keep her doing short but frequent walks, lots of indoor enrichment games, and take her to hydrotherapy to do gentle impact exercise.  

I began dog walking and pet sitting in 2010, in-and-around my education and full time work. I also worked in rescue centres and have fostered dogs in the past. This includes two American Cocker Spaniels - Myra and Cole. I worked with these adorable dogs until a forever family was eventually found for them. After a few years working in office environments, I came to realise that working with dogs is my greatest passion in life, so I created Wanderdog in January 2017.

My interest also extends to pet nutrition. In the past, I worked as a customer care representative at an organic and natural pet food company called Lily’s Kitchen. At this job, I particularly enjoyed chatting to customers directly about their pets, their well being, and giving advice on the benefits of healthy eating and other dietary advice. I have continued since, to research and absorb any and all new science and news about dog nutrition. I have future plans to offer professional nutritionist advice. Watch this space.

At the end of 2017, I graduated with distinction from the  Victoria Stilwell Dog Trainer Academy, and became a qualified professional dog trainer. My style of dog training focuses entirely on modern, 'positive reinforcement' techniques that are kind, more effective and backed by scientific research. Since graduating I continue to attend relevant seminars, courses and conferences to keep my knowledge as up-to-date as possible, as dog training is a  continually evolving science. 

I am currently studying an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour at Lincoln University (Sept 19 - Sept 20). I feel very grateful that this course allows me the opportunity to learn directly from the UK's first Professor of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine and internationally famous animal behaviour researcher, Dr. Daniel Mills. 


In late 2020 upon graduation, Wanderdog will also begin to take on behavioural consultations.

Feel free to follow my blog, Facebook and Instagram which will all include fun photos of our Wanderdogs, training tips, and all sorts of doggie information regarding health, nutrition, behaviour, science, doggie recipes and any other exciting or quirky dog news.

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