Behavioural Advice & Training

Does your dog have a problem behaviour you would like to work on?

Behaviour includes: separation related issues, resource guarding, reactivity to people or other dogs, aggression, self-harm and repetitive behaviours

Training - includes teaching new behaviours (recall/ loose lead walking)

Behaviour - includes any behaviours caused by an emotional response (barking, lunging, fear)

Behaviour Consultation

In order to assess whether Wanderdog can help we suggest a short 15 minute friendly call where we can ask a few set questions and make sure that we are the best fit for you and your dog. No behaviour advice will be offered during this call.

From here we will send you an 'assessment form' and a 'vet referral' form. In order to proceed with behavioural help both of these will need to be completed and sent back to us.

Our behaviour consult is split into two sessions:

- 1-2 hours history taking and assessment (where we will gather more information about your dog and their problem behaviour based on information from your form)

- 1-2 hours treatment plan (where we will offer a management and training plan for you to take forward)

Consult length will vary in time depending on complexity of the case. 

During your behaviour consult you will be assisted by two clinical animal behaviourists, one lead and one support.

After your second session you will receive a brief over-view of the advised treatment plan within 24 hours. One week after this you will receive a full behaviour report. This will also be sent to your referring vet with covering letter.

Included in this behaviour consult is three months of email support, and a 20 minute phone call in 2 weeks time to check progress.

Price: £300

Behaviour Package

Our behaviour package includes all of the above: 2 sessions of the behaviour consultation, behavioural report and vet communication, 3 months email support and 2 week progress phone call

It also includes 3 x 1 hour behaviour training sessions to help work on the behaviour problem in a practical way

On top of this we will also include 3 month WhatsApp support for the whole family with both clinical behaviorists in the group (this can offer more immediate support, at a reasonable level)

Price: £500