The K9 Justice Bus for Vinnie the Yorkie Cross and his right to stay in his home

The wheels on the K9 bus go round and round, straight to the London County Court! Early this Monday morning, Lucy and I decided to get up an hour earlier than usual (much to Lucy's dismay) and head to Canary Wharf to proudly take our spot on the K9 Justice Bus! We wanted to show our support for poor Vinnie, a 5 year old Yorkshire terrier cross, and his owners who have battled for 15 months with their building management to keep him in his home. After buying their £1 million apartment in Limehouse with initial permission to bring their fur-baby along with them, the building management later turned on them and denied his access with an unwritten 'no pets clause'. Deciding to not take this form

Oxytocin and Dogs – they really do love you!

For those of us living close with dogs, we’ve long known that our ‘fur-babies’ really do love us as much as we love them – but now science has our back! Oxytocin, aka the cuddle or love hormone, is secreted from the pituitary gland at the base of the brain when people (and it turns out dogs too) snuggle together or bond socially. Originally, the hormone was first recognized for its role in the birthing process and nursing, and was considered to promote mother-child bonding. However, since then lots of studies have been conducted into its wider role, and it appears to be an equally important social factor for women, men and even other species in regards to bonding, trust and altruism. Interes

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