Kyrenia Animal Rescue - Northern Cyprus

My partner Ben and I recently travelled to Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus, to celebrate my 30th birthday and see family. However for me, no trip to Northern Cyprus is complete without visiting the Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR), and taking a selection of rescue dogs out for a beautiful walk around the five-fingered mountain. KAR has been a very special place to me for about 5 years now. I first discovered the centre back in 2012, on holiday with a good friend of mine. Sara and I are mutually bonded by our shared affection for animals, and strong views about their welfare and rights. So maybe it was fate that brought us upon a kitten stuck howling in a car engine in the middle of the capital, Nicosia,

The Benefits of Running for your Dog

Just like people, dogs experience a plethora of physiological and psychological benefits from being provided with the right levels of exercise, and a healthy balanced diet. Although walking is a great exercise, most dogs need a chance to burn off more energy than usual dog walking can provide. Brisk walking can help burn some calories, but can’t really be considered aerobic exercise for our canine companions. In a study conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention in 2006, they found that people walk their dog, on average, at 22 minutes per mile. In terms of a dog’s average speed, this pace would be considered quite slow, and constitute ‘casual walking’. It’s leisurely and enjoyab

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