Advice to Consider Before You Bring Home Your First Pet

Are you welcoming a pet into your home for the first time? Taking care of another life is a big responsibility, but it’s also extremely rewarding! However, do your research and get prepared in advance. This will make your transition to pet guardianship as smooth as possible. Finding the Perfect Pet for Your Life Without question, dogs and cats are the most popular types of pets to own. Fish, birds, and small animals are also found in plenty of households and make great pets for smaller areas. You’ll have to consider a number of things before deciding which animal is right for you. For example, think about whether you can afford the pet’s expenses, provide their space needs, and meet their ti

Lucy & Hip Dysplasia

Here is Lucy. The original Wanderdog, or Wanderwoo as her nickname is Mr Woo (don’t ask!) She is the heart and soul of Wanderdog – really where all our inspiration and passion for what we do comes from. Lucy was born on September 8th 2008, so she’s nearly a decade old now! She still looks and acts like she’s 2 though. Lucy's story I always grew up with dogs, so it was inevitable that I would eventually find one to bring home with me to call ‘my dog’. Just no one expected me to do it while I was still studying at the University of Bristol, especially not my parents! However, when I turned up one evening at my student accommodation, I surprised all my housemates with little 8 week old English

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