17 Jun 2019

21 common house plants that can be harmful for your dog

House plants can be a wonderful way to bring colour and life to your home, but it is worth noting that some can be harmful or even toxic to your pet pooch. In this blog we will list just a few common plants to be a...

16 Mar 2019

The short answer is yes, punishment does work, but at what cost?

In this blog I will explore what punishment is, what it is in regards to training your dog, and the unforeseen consequences of using it.

What is punishment really?

You may have heard of the phrase...

2 Dec 2018

Have you ever wondered what your dog was feeling? It can seem a mystery sometimes!

Dogs have a variety of signals to communicate to us and each other how they are feeling, but these can be subtle and often missed. As human guardians we usually understand the obvious sig...

23 Oct 2018

This summer Wanderdog decided that we would like to raise money for a charity very close to our hearts - Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR), in Northern Cyprus. 

See here for a link to their website - www.kartrnc.org

This wonderful animal rescue, nestled on top o...

4 Sep 2018

In celebration of the Government announcing that they will officially make the use of electric shock collars across England illegal, I decided to write a blog about e-collars that ‘just vibrate’.

Often, I have people tell me that they are using a corrective collar on th...

19 Jul 2018

I was inspired to write this blog after witnessing something quite upsetting. A few weeks back I saw another local dog walker do something that has lead me to rule them out as someone I would recommend to anyone for pet care. However, I will use this as a platform to w...