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Meat and treat training treats


These are fabulous training treats that no pup can resist! They are single protein treats that come in yummy sausages that can be chopped up into tiny pieces, so you can make a packet last quite a few training sessions, or walks in the park!


You can choose from Poultry, Buffalo and Salmon




200g - £2.50

80g -   £1.50 (just poultry)

K9 Connectables

Your dog will absolutely love these! They're interactive toys designed to entertain, challenge and even calm your pooch! You can connect them together at various difficultly settings, and you can stuff and smear them with yummy treats. Remember mental stimulation is just as important as physical! Science shows us that licking and chewing is incredibly important for a dog's wellbeing and even helps them to self-soothe! 

The connectables come in a variety of colours and shapes to excite your dog! They will never tire of these! 


Tech bone = £12

Original (pack of 2) = £13

Dentist (pack of 2) = £14

k9 connectables dog toys

Rockster Dog Food 

Essentially the ultimate 'canine superfood', and the world’s first genuine life-enhancing superfood for dogs. Made up of an optimised combination of fresh human grade muscle meat, vital inner organs, and powerful bio-organic superfoods designed to make them delicious as well as life-enhancing in every way for dogs. The food uses only human grade organic and bio-organic ingredients, free from any contamination and exposure to chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones, and steroids. Our Lucy definitely approves. See their website here for more information -



Each 400g tin - £4.95

Recipes - A Fisherman's Dream, Boeuf du Cap, Sound of Game, Heaven and Earth, Birds of a Feather, Sunday Roast


Snuffle Mats

snuffle mats dog enrichment
snuffle mat dog enrichment

These are the ideal way to entertain your dog and get them engaging their noses properly! They activate your dog's natural foraging instincts which every dog loves! These colourful enrichment tools are a both a mind and body work out. 15 minutes of snuffling is equivalent to 40 minutes physical exercise - but give you a mentally tired dog rather than a physically exhausted one!



Small = £15  Medium = £25  Large = £50

Sizes in inches 


S = 12x8          M = 12x16           L = 16x24

See this youtube video here for how snuffle works -

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