Harmonious Loose Lead Walking

Online Group Classes


Would you like to have relaxing walks with your dog?

Does it feel like it's a battle every walk to keep your dog with you and focused?

Is your dog pulling your arm socket out?


If you answer yes to any of these questions this course is for you!

Wanderdog Online Lead Walking  


  • 3 x 1 hour online group classes 

  • Class notes to take away

The ability to walk calmly and harmoniously on lead, and to keep our dogs safely close by us,  is one of the most important skills we hope for our dogs to master. It is vital for enabling stress-free walks together! 

By doing this course online your dog will learn quicker and more effectively - loose lead walking practice should never be started outdoors. We want to set your dog up for success by making it simple for them to learn the foundations. 

Once your dog perfects their skills indoors we will show you how to take these new skills on the road (literally!)... We want to help you towards achieving those harmonious walks together!


We will teach your dogs using fun games and rewards, so they love and choose to walk close with you! 

Time & Date - COMING SOON. Get in touch to engage interest

Location - The comfort of your own home, via Zoom!