Other Services

Vet and Groomer Trips

If unfortunately the only grooming or vet appointment available for your precious pet is during a time that you can't make, Wanderdog is more than happy to help! We offer a service to come collect your dog, cat, or small animal, and make sure they get to their appointment on time. For a vet trip, we will stay with them during  their appointment, record all information provided and report back to you. On a groomer trip, we will provide pick up and drop off to the groomers, before picking them up again after their session of pampering! After each service, we will drop your fur-baby back safely at home.

Cat Sitting

It's not obvious from looking at our name, that we also love cats too - but we do! If you're going away for a weekend or on holiday, and plan to leave your cat at home, Wanderdog is very happy to provide care duties during this time. We offer both cat sitting and cat visits within your own home, to keep them company within their own environment. Cat visits consist of 30 minute periods. We will come feed, play and entertain your kitty, and clean out that litter box! We are also happy to provide other duties around the house, such as watering plants or collecting mail.

Small Animal Care and Pet Sitting

We also love small furries and other pets! If you are going away on holiday and worry about what to do about feeding and caring for your small pets, Wanderdog also offers small animal care. We are happy to either take cage animals into our own home, or we can provide pet sitting or visits within your own home. We will make sure they stay clean, fed and happy while you're away. Even our smaller pets deserve to be given the utmost care and attention.


For all other services, please get in touch to find out about individual prices