Exclusive Pet Sitting Services across London

Many dog owners today feel uncomfortable leaving their precious companions in traditional kennels while they’re away, and quite rightly so! For those family dogs that are used to their creature comforts in a home environment, it can be quite a shock to be left in a cage in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by unfamiliar animals.

​Wanderdog offers an exclusive pet sitting service within your own home, to give you a greater peace of mind. This way, your dog can remain feeling secure in their own environment. We will look after them as if they are our own, making sure they get the one-to-one care and attention they are used to and deserve.

We provide professional, attentive, high quality dog care, so you can leave and enjoy your weekend away or even just an evening out, with the reassurance that your pet is safe, happy and supervised at home. We personalise and tailor each visit to accommodate your dog’s individual needs, and also yours.

Our main role as your dog’s sitter is to provide a safe, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment in which your dog can thrive and develop educationally, as we believe every moment is a learning experience. We provide one-on-one care to meet the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of your dog in the comfort and safety of their own home. We will make sure that your dog is as comfortable and as stress-free in all environments and social situations, both with other dogs and people that they encounter daily.

As well as providing you with a specialist pet sitting service, we also provide the same duties as a house sitter so you know that your home, as well as your loved pet, will also be in safe hands and cared for while you’re away. You can leave with the full confidence that any household duties that need fulfilling will be covered and attended to. We will always treat your home with the utmost care, and make sure to leave it as clean and tidy as we found it. If you have any other odd jobs you would like doing within your home, we would be more than happy to help out - maybe you have plants that need caring for too! 

Within a 24 hour period, we will never leave your dog for longer than 4 hours, consecutive or not. We will make sure that they continue to keep to their normal life routine, and of course give them plenty of love and fuss!


Bank holiday weekends are charged at time and a half

Travel expenses will be covered within 1 mile of Bermondsey

Ask us about our refer a friend offer!

Please contact us for a quote on pet sitting

We provide pet sitting during weekday evenings and weekends from your own home


We currently do not offer weekday day care

We are now expanding to reach a 7 mile radius from central London!


Please see below for a map of the zone that we now cover:

Our pet sitting services also includes:

- 1 x 15 minute walk for an hour pet sit

- 1 x 30 minute walk for a pet sit of up to 3 hours

- 1 x hour walk for any pet sit between 3 to 12 hours

- 2 x hour walks for a pet sit of 24 hours (including trips further afield to the Royal Parks of London)

- by request - an out of London country retreat walk for any full weekend pet sit

- a selection of yummy natural and organic treats for your dog, often home made

- by request - we can make home cooked or home prepared raw food doggie meals (if ingredients are provided)

- by request - a 20 minute ‘positive’ training session for every 12 hours

- beautiful photo updates of your dog’s adventures with Wanderdog - so you know just how relaxed and happy they are!

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