Pet Sitting Terms & Conditions

All clients will be deemed to have accepted Wanderdog’s terms and conditions as laid out here, on signature of the Wanderdog service contract.


Booking pet sitting with Wanderdog


Before we commit to any pet sitting jobs, Wanderdog will always arrange a meet and greet to swap friendly faces, discuss any specific requirements, sign contracts and release forms, and say hello to your furry friend of course! 

We must be alerted to any behavioural issues at the time of booking, including health problems, separation related problems, reactivity or aggression. Failure to provide this information may result in additional charges and/or a termination of the pet sit. Any dog with behavioural issues will need to have been assessed by a behaviourist before the pet sit commences.  


We will also need to be alerted if your female dog is in season, or about to come into season, during the stay. There may be additional charges for this. 


Dogs must have a suitable, well-fitted, harness for any walks. Wanderdog will not walk dogs on a collar unless there is a valid medical reason. All dogs must be micro-chipped and have a name tag providing owners details (including full address and postcode – required by law). We do not accept slip leads, extendable leads, martingale collars, e-collars, shock/ spray/ prong/ choke collars under ANY circumstances. In the case of e/spray/prong/choke, if we find that these are used on the dog at any time we will unfortunately have to cancel a pet sit for safety reasons. 

If your dog requires a muzzle or collar that they do not wear in the home in addition to their harness please let us know. 

For multiple dogs, we will need to meet both dogs before the pet sitting job. We will need to know their relationship, sleeping arrangements, individual requirements (e.g. medication). If there is any conflict between the dogs, we will need to be told this in advance. 

For dogs with separation related issues, this and it's severity must be declared in advance. If the issues pertain to guardian separation this may result in us being unable to take your booking, due to the stress upon the dog. If the issues pertain to isolation distress there may be additional charges for the inability to leave the dog alone at any time. 

During a pet sit if there are other members of your extended household who will be present during the stay, we will need notice before commencing the sit. Dependent on the length of the pet sit there may other members of the Wanderdog team who will be present beyond your designated sitter.  Please let us know in advance if you do not consent to this. 

If your pet requires medical attention, we will the guardian to sign a medication agreement form in advance of the pet sit. 

Payments with Wanderdog


Wanderdog will provide an invoice for the guardian prior to a service, and all invoices must be paid in ADVANCE of any pet sit taking place. If the payment has not been received 5 days before the scheduled pet sit, the service will not commence.


Cancellations with Wanderdog


The guardian must give a minimum of 2 weeks notice to cancel any agreed service, or the half the rate will be collected, unless waived by the pet sitter in their sole discretion. Within 1 week of the service the full rate will be retained.


The pet sitter can terminate any job immediately if they believe for any reason the dog is unsafe to be around and the behaviours have not been previously disclosed by the guardian.

NOTE - If mandatory government lockdown occurs cancellation charges will be waived