Puppy Socials in the Park

Looking for supervised puppy play, where you can learn what is good and what is too much? When to let pups be pups, or when to intervene? Then this is for you! 

There are numerous benefits to joining an organised play session like this, but to name a few:

-  a great opportunity for positive socialisation for your pup

- confidence building if your pup is a bit shy

- practicing any previously learnt cues under distraction e.g. recall

- having a professional dog trainer advice on appropriate play

- a chance for you to learn to read and interpret dog body language and communication

- an opportunity for you to make friends and socialise with other new puppy parents


We will be holding these sessions regularly every other Sunday (for 45 minutes)  

Puppies between the ages of 10-16 weeks are invited to join us to socialise in groups of 4 (one guardian per pup due to Tier 2 restrictions). 


Please contact us to find out when our next puppy social will be.....

See new website for details: https://www.wanderdog.co.uk/puppy_socials 

These socials will be held at The Swan Dog Park, near Elephant and Castle.

Pups must have completed all their vaccines to join as socials are outdoors.



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