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Butternut Box - Healthy Dog Food

Wanderdog is an ambassador for Butternut Box, one of our favourite dog foods!

Nutrition is so important for your dog in terms of both their physical and behavioural health. Butternut box is made from fresh human grade ingredients, packed in easy to deal with packages and sent directly to your door. 


Also it’s rated highly on which is a completely unbiased dog food rater – check out your dog’s current diet here!

To try your first box of Butternut Box at 100% off, and to find out more information, click here –

Holly and Lil - Pet Shop & Groomers

holly and lil

Holly and Lil is located on 90 Tower Bridge Road. This shop is well worth a visit! This shop features beautifully hand-made leather collars and leads, which you can either take as they are, or you can have them personalised into bespoke items for your special fur-baby. They also sell lovely toys, beds, pet accessories and fun novelty items. They stock a wide range of dog and cat food, including healthy options such as raw food and Lily's Kitchen, and fun delectables such as doggie ice cream. The staff in the shops are always super helpful and cheery! However, some of the best things we like about Holly and Lil are firstly how beautifully presented their shop is, with lots of gorgeous and colourful items, but also that when you enter each shop you are usually greeted by an abundance of very waggy tails! Dogs run free throughout the shops, which we think is lovely!

See the bottom of this page for a poster that Holly and Lil designed in order to show all of the dog friendly locations in and around Bermondsey Street - it really highlights how wonderfully dog friendly this area is!

Perfect Fit & T-touch Harnesses

Both harnesses have front and back connections so are firstly well fitted, but also can help with pulling issues and are designed to allow free movement so not to cause physical damage to your dog over time.

Perfect fit is a super comfortable harness which is bought in three parts, meaning it fits your dog 'perfectly'! They come in all sorts of lovely colours too. Lucy loves hers!

perfect fit harness

The T-touch harness is very light and comfortable, so really good for dogs that are not great lovers of wearing harnesses. These harnesses are also great for growing dogs because each size has so much changeability.

We also recommend checking out T-touch in general here -

t touch harness

Poster copyright of Holly and Lil 2016 - a beautiful illustration of all the dog friendly spots around Bermondsey Street

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