Perfect Recall Workshop

Does it feel like your dog have selective hearing sometimes?

Do they shoot off with no regards for you the moment they get released from the lead?


Does it take way longer than you would like to get them back on lead?


If you answer yes to any of these questions this workshop is for you!

Wanderdog Recall Workshop - £40


  • A 1.5 hour group class (max of 4 dogs per class)

  • A free clicker

  • Class notes to take away

Recall is arguably the most important cue you need to teach your dog, for their safety, yours and for others around you. This workshop looks at specifically creating an effective recall using only positive, force-free methods.

We want your dogs to rush back to you no matter what the distraction!


Topics we cover include:

- Setting your dog up for success from the start

- Why the recall may not be there or may have broken down

- What to do if they get loose with no recall

- Understanding arousal levels in dogs

- Getting focus before going off lead

- Choosing the right recall rewards

- Introducing your recall cue

- Marking success

- Whistle training

- Hand touch

- Fun recall games

- Adding and managing distractions to your recall

Time & Date - Based on interest (planning on monthly)

Location - Leathermarket Gardens, Bermondsey

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