"Doggie Detective" - Scent Work Classes

Online Group Classes

Enjoy classes from the comfort of your own home, with all the family and none of the hassle.


Perfect for dogs of all ages, sensitive dogs or people who’d struggle to focus in a group environment in person.


This particular course is a perfect fit for gaining the necessary foundation skills you need to master nose-work, whether you intend to continue learning at home or in a group class in-person. 

Wanderdog Online Scent Classes

Within 6 weeks we will cover:​

Over the six-week course, we will expand on all things NOSEY!

Breaking down everything into bitesize practical chunks for you to explore with your dog.

  • Week One - Sensory Skills, Intro to Scent

  • Week Two - Active Responses and Hides

  • Week Three - Active Responses Expanded, Handling & Types of Searches

  • Week Four - Intro to Passive Responses

  • Week Five - Passive Responses Expanded & Hides

  • Week Six - Passive Response Types of Searches & How to Take Nose-Work on the Road

Only 6 dogs in each class, you will have first-class help and support throughout the course. Suitable for dogs of all ages from 8-weeks old.

Helping you and your puppy/dog become a magical nose-work team.

This is a brand new course so grab your place now. 

Time & Date - COMING SOON! Click below to engage interest :)

Location - The comfort of your own home, via Zoom!