Group Walks Terms & Conditions

All clients will be deemed to have accepted Wanderdog’s terms and conditions as laid out here, on signature of the Wanderdog service contract.


Booking group walks with Wanderdog


Before we commit to any walks, Wanderdog will always arrange a meet and greet to swap friendly faces, discuss any specific requirements, sign contracts and release forms, and say hello to your furry friend of course! We also want to make absolutely sure that your pup will fit in well to our group walks, as we want them to be as happy as possible!

Wanderdog will only walk a maximum of four dogs at one time. However, we will try to walk less if possible. We endeavor to make sure that all dogs get on well together, watching for any key or subtle body language that alerts us to how our dogs are feeling.


All dogs being will undergo a trial period of 5 walks to ensure that they are adequately suitable for group sessions. During this period, they must be able to display that they are comfortable around other dogs, people and other regular stimuli found on walks. If group walks are not suitable we may suggest solo walks. 


Wanderdog must be alerted to any behavioural issues at the time of booking, including health problems, reactivity or aggression. Failure to provide this information may result in additional charges. We reserve the right to cancel the contract at any time and with immediate effect, if the dog does not respond well to the walker, other dogs or other stimuli, especially if safety is considered compromised. We would, however, be happy to discuss separate training options, or provide help finding a suitable local behaviourist to work with you.


Unfortunately, we cannot accept group walk bookings for female dogs in season for their own safety, and the safety of the other dogs in the group and male dogs in the local area.


Dogs must have a suitable, well-fitted, harness for walks. Wanderdog will not walk dogs on a collar unless there is a valid medical reason. All dogs must be micro-chipped and have a name tag providing owners details (including full address and postcode – required by law). We do not accept slip leads, extendable leads, martingale collars, e-collars, shock/ spray/ prong/ choke collars under ANY circumstances. In the case of e/spray/prong/choke, if we find that these are used on the dog at any time even outside of walking with us we will unfortunately have to cancel further group walks for safety reasons.

Within your walking time slot this includes; your dog’s walk, any meal requirements, medication administration and towel drying.

Guardians must ensure that their requirements for the following week are e-mailed or text to Wanderdog no later than Sunday evenings (6 pm).


Group walks with Wanderdog


All dogs will be exercised on a lead unless signed off by the guardian on the release form, and during the trial period the dog displays adequate levels of safe recall.

The walker will apply personal judgment and cut short a walk if necessary because of extreme weather conditions (i.e. heat, thunder storms, excessive snow fall), for the safety of both the dogs and the walker. Wanderdog will do their best to make up any lost time on another safer walk.

Personal judgement will be made if any dog appears to be struggling medically or due to any form of discomfort. We will cut short a walk and make their guardian aware. 


If dogs require quick towel dry after walks, or jumpers/ coats put on during their walks, these must provided and left by the front door for easy accessibility.

Payments with Wanderdog


Wanderdog will provide an invoice for the guardian prior to a service, and all invoices must be paid in ADVANCE of any walk taking place. If the payment has not been received 48 hours before the scheduled walk, the service will not commence.


Cancellations or Termination of Contract with Wanderdog


The guardian must give a minimum of 24 hours notice (from the time of the scheduled walk) to cancel any agreed service, or the full rate will be collected, unless waived by the walker in their sole discretion.


The guardian shall provide one working week (5 days) notice of a termination of an ongoing service.


The walker can terminate an ongoing service immediately if they believe for any reason the dog is unsuitable for group walks, or if the safety to that dog, the walker or others is compromised.