Training Testimonials

"My puppy, Bertrand, took the Wanderpups foundation class with Kay and Ben. As someone who has a PhD in animal behaviour, I cannot recommend the Wanderpups class more – it was truly outstanding and a must for all new puppy owners. Kay’s classes incorporate all the latest and best research on dog behaviour and training.  In addition to the basics like sit and ‘come’ and teaching positive reinforcement and clicker techniques, Kay also covers important topics such as how to read dog body language and how to set up enrichment activities for your puppy, which is so important for their cognitive development and quality of life. There are also lots of great tips for how to deal with common puppy problems such as jumping up or picking up litter on the street. Class was managed extremely well, with visual barriers between each puppy and chewy/ licky treats and snuffle mats given to each puppy on arrival so that they could settle down in the very exciting class environment. We were also provided with extensive notes and online resources after each class so that we could work on our training at home too. The only downside to attending Wanderpups is that it was a real challenge to get home afterwards as my puppy didn’t want to leave! Thanks Kay for an awesome class!"

- Claire, with Bertrand


Group Foundational Puppy Classes

"As a first time puppy owner I had and still have a lot questions. Kay came to my house to meet me and my puppy Shlomi. She took time to explain everything very thouroghly and structured. In her calm way she took away my fears and worries. The puppy consultation was very helpful and I feel much more confident as a dog mum :) And Shlomi fell in love with her too"

- Nora, with Shlomi


New puppy initial consult

"I would highly recommend Kay's course. From the start until the end of the course Kay and her colleagues have supported us in class and outside of class. You can tell Kay really loves dogs and she has such a positive attitude! Taking part in the course is the best thing we have done for our puppies and we have noticed such a big change in our puppies and we are so glad that we took part in the course. Thank you so much Kay!!!"

- Robyn, with Humphrey & Buttercup


Group Foundational Puppy Classes

"Couldn't recommend Wanderdog enough! Kay is absolutely fantastic and such a lovely person who only brings positive vibes to your puppy.
We had Kay come over to the house and give us private 121 sessions and our little Ruby learnt so much. Very affordable and highly recommended. If you're looking to get a dog trainer. Look no further than Wanderdog!"

- Marco and Annie, with Ruby

Private Foundational Wanderpups

"Our cockapoo Remi recently completed the 6-week Wanderpups course and we highly recommend it. The trainer, Kay, was friendly and communicative, while her expertise on various issues was always helpful. We now have loads of training games and routines for Remi to work on. The socialisation opportunities provided by the course were really useful for helping him overcome his early shyness. While it is a small-group class, there is lots of 1-to-1 time to discuss particular problems or concerns. Overall a great experience!"

- Edward, with Remi


Foundational group puppy classes

"I cannot recommend Wanderdog's training services highly enough. We have managed to rectify a number of training issues using positive reinforcement training techniques, and the training has not only been successful but has made me so much more in tune with my dog. She is now such a happy pooch it's a joy to have such a close bond with her. Thank you Kay Warnes for all your help advice and expertise"

- Katie, with Teddi


Private one-to-one

"Kay is brilliant! Oscar adores her and always enjoys his training. He has been to the Wanderpups foundation and intermediate puppy classes, and is a regular Wanderdog. If you’re looking for a trainer/ walker...look no further!"

- Lisa, with Oscar

Group Foundational & Intermediate Wanderpups

"I can’t recommend Wanderdog enough! Our Cavapoo Toby has completed the puppy classes and the private intermediate classes, and has absolutely loved both!! It’s been such a great experience and we have both learnt so much! It has been so lovely seeing Toby learning and enjoying himself, he really loves his time with Kay!!"

- Lucy, with Toby

Group Foundational & Private Intermediate Wanderpups

"Kay is a lovely lady, who has helped me and my puppy so much. I had a naughty pup, who enjoyed biting me, more than his toys, but that has all changed now, and apart from the odd accident, he is house trained, this is because Kay trained me how to teach my puppy correctly. I would recommend Wanderdog, to everyone and anyone!"

- Tracey, with Bodhi


Private Foundational Wanderpups

"We had a great time with Kay and Ben at Wanderdog puppy classes, the classes were always very calm, which is amazing considering there were 6 puppies! We learnt a lot and our puppy just loved it!"

- Aran, with Morgan


Group Foundational & Intermediate Wanderpups

"I have been trained! - Kay helped me understand more about dogs and how to approach them in a positive way. Thank you Kay!"

- Phil, with Mei Mei

Foundational, Wanderpups

We took the awesome class for puppies. Our three to four month old whippet Taco loved it and learned some really useful life skills, as well as getting the chance to socialise with lots of other pups and people. The first, humans only, session is great as well. Really informative and interesting approach to training dogs and loads of good advice and information. And generally it’s a lovely, informal environment where you don’t feel embarrassed if your pup misbehaves!

- Laura, with Taco


Group Foundational Wanderpups

"Brilliant puppy training! Thanks to Kay and the whole team".

- Jon & Tim, with Archie

Group Foundational Puppy Classes

"Thank you so much for teaching me the ways of the pup!"

- Rachel, with Billy


Group Foundational and Intermediate  Wanderpups

"Thank you!! It was fun!!" - Becci, with Esalen


Foundational Wanderpups

"Such a lovely and helpful experience! You can clearly see how much Kay loves dogs and seeing how she was with George was lovely! We learnt so much from her and would highly recommend Kay and wanderdog for anyone else! We took a lot away from the session!"

- Sophie, with George


New puppy initial consult

"Thank you so much for helping us with Luna! We are so glad we chose this class"

- Sarah, with Luna


Foundational Wanderpups

"Thank you too Kay for all your amazing support, you are great! We will definitely join another course"

- Maria, with Giacomino


Private Foundational Wanderpups

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