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Buster at Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Wanderdog proudly sponsors the gorgeous Buster at Kyrenia Animal Rescue in Northern Cyprus. Kay and Ben met Buster May 2017, on a recent visit to do some volunteer work walking just a few of the 200 dogs that they look after at their centre. Kay has been volunteering at KAR for several years now. However, Kay and Ben fell in love with this friendly fellow, and now send monthly donations to him and all his friends at the centre.

If you fancy sponsoring a dog too, visit the KAR website to find out more: www.kartrnc.org

kyrenia animal rescue

2018 Fundraising for Kyrenia Animal Rescue

We raised £780 for Kyrenia Animal Rescue - that's roughly 5500.00 in Turkish Lira!!

See below for a thank you email from KAR:

Hello Kay

Thank you soooooo much for the wonderful donation we received through our Paypal account of £780. It is very kind of you. I know that Karen has been in touch with you but I wanted to say a special thank you myself. We are working to get the exercise area finished and putting in equipment to help the dogs learn about walking up stairs, gaining confidence in walking on a lead and learning to play etc. 

Please thank everyone your end that has helped to raise this amazing amount and lots of happy licks and waggy tails from all the dogs in our care. 

Your valuable help and support is very much appreciated.

Kind regards

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