Wanderdog Ethos

Wanderdog promotes the use of force-free, kind, choice-based experiences for all of our Wanderdogs. We firmly believe that fun and reward-based training is the most effective way to build better, stronger relationships with our dogs, based on trust and cooperation. We completely dismiss the use of intimidation, physical punishment or fear as a means to train, walk or live alongside our dogs. We will never use or promote the use of aversive training techniques (such as alpha rolls or leash jerks), or equipment (such as choke, prong, shock collars, rattle cans or citronella sprays). We truly believe there are far more effective and kinder ways to live in harmony with our favourite canine family members.


Reward-based training, aka 'positive reinforcement', means to add something desirable to make 'preferred' behaviours more likely to be repeated in the future. In training we predominantly use food as our main motivator, or 'payment', as we find for many dogs this is incredibly rewarding, so why not? We use this modern philosophy of dog training for how we interact with our Wanderdogs in both training and group walks scenarios.


Wanderdog as a company endeavours to keep up to date with current research, by attending regular seminars and conferences. We believe in taking advantage of every opportunity to learn and deepen our knowledge about the most effective and scientifically proven ways to have the kindest relationship with our dogs. 


Traditional dog training, based on more forceful methods, may indeed work in the short term, but the potential long-term fall out for both you, your family, and your dog is a risk not worth taking (psychological damage or even aggression)! It is important to understand that 'quick-fix' methods rarely last.


Why use force, intimidation or fear to get a dog to act ‘under duress’ (out of fear of what will happen if they don’t comply), when you can just as easily gain desired behaviours through kinder training methods that allow a dog freedom of choice, and with the confidence and the opportunities to problem solve for themselves?  Easy! 

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