What Happens Next?

A consultation!

Once you’ve decided that Wanderdog is for you and your dog, we will arrange a meeting with you either at your home or a café, wherever suits you best.

During this meeting you can get to know all about us, and we can find out all about you and your wonderful pet. We will answer any questions you have, or advise on how best we can meet your personal requirements for any future services.

There are a few forms to fill out and contracts to sign, but really it’s all informal and friendly!

Your dog's first walk!

After your free consultation, it's time for your dog's first walk with Wanderdog. 

We will come collect your dog at the time agreed upon. Travel time is outside of service hours, so they get their full walk or run. Once we have collected your dog we will then take them to a nearby park, and if given your prior signed permission will allow them off the lead for some fun and ball chasing (running is always on the lead for their own safety). We will make sure that walks are as much fun as possible with lots of play and toys. We hope to bring you back a very satisfied and tired customer of course! 

We take lots of photos and videos of their time with us, so we can give you lots of lovely updates about what they got up to and who they met. 

Once it's time to come home from a walk, we will bring them back and towel dry them if they are wet or muddy. We will make sure they have plenty of water available and that they are comfy and safe before leaving.